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Capital Allowance Tax

Capital Allowance Tax is a tax relief allowing the cost of some of your company’s assets to be written off against its taxable profits. Our team are available to assist and ensure that you get all the relief you are legally entitled to within your business.

Plant and machinery allowances Rate
Annual Investment Allowance (AIA)
– expenditure 1.1.19 - 31.12.20 £1,000,000 100%
– expenditure pre 1.1.19 200,000 100%
Energy/water-efficient equipment 100%
Writing down allowance: general pool (reducing balance) 18%
Writing down allowance: special rate pool (reducing balance)* 6%
Motor cars purchased
From 1.4.18 1.4.15 to 31.3.18 Allowance
CO2 (g/km) CO2 (g/km)
New cars only up to 50 up to 75 100%
In general pool up to 110 up to 130 18% pa
In special rate pool * above 110 above 130 6% pa

*8% pre 1.4.19 (companies) and pre 6.4.19 (businesses subject to income tax).

Structures and buildings allowance
Expenditure from 29.10.18 (straight line basis) 2%