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With payroll management becoming more complicated, it can be difficult and time consuming to arrange it internally. Our dedicated team can take care of this entire administrative burden, freeing up your time and removing the responsibility from you.

We will calculate and process all wages, PAYE and National Insurance contributions, providing you with technical advice and maintaining the confidentiality of your employees and business.

Our payroll services include:

  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly calculation of employee payroll, including ready prepared payslips
  • Monthly calculation of PAYE and National Insurance contribution liabilities to HMRC
  • Monthly calculation of pension contributions to your pension provider
  • Annual preparation and submission of form P35 to HMRC
  • Annual preparation of employee forms P60

Automatic enrolment for pensions means that employers are required by law to automatically enrol all eligible workers into a workplace pension and make a contribution to it. We can assist with or perform this service on your behalf.

Our pension services include:

  • keeping all records for all automatic activities
  • monitoring the ages and earning of new and existing staff to check automatic enrolment eligibility
  • enrol staff and write to them to keep them informed
  • assessing employee’s and processing the relevant pension contributions
  • uploading scheme contributions to main pension providers

We can also help you to meet your year-end reporting obligations for expenses and benefits on form P11D. We offer advice on what items should be included on the forms, we can help you complete the forms or simply check them on your behalf, as well as advising you of any Class 1A National Insurance liability.